Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gmail's "unsend" option

Use Gmail as an email client? Did you know you can unsend email? If you said "yes" then "no" then read on!

Gmail can hold back delivering your emails for some seconds after you have clicked "send". This can be helpful if you:

  1. Attached the wrong attachment
  2. Spelling mistakes
  3. Wrong recipient
To take back an email you didn't want sent:
  1. Go to the settings link in Gmail
  2. Go to the labs tab
  3. Make sure Enable is selected for undo send (near bottom of page)
  4. click save changes
You have about 5 seconds to take back the email

To change the length of time you have to unsend:
  1. Go to the settings link in Gmail
  2. Pick your desired time under the undo send row
  3. Click save changes
A great little function to take back an embarrassing mistake.


TheGeneral said...

Wow wish I knew this earlier, i'm always mixing up who i send stuff to.

Wumbo said...

I think they should just have an easy button to undo an email send. 5 seconds is just too little time considering some connections can be very slow. Still great info!

Erika said...

As TheGeneral said. I wish I knew this earlier. I could have saved a lot of regrets.

Such a useful tip though. Thanks a bunch!

frameaj1 said...

@Wumbo - you can change to up to 30 seconds.

AllenTesch said...

This would be a nice drunk mail option.

phthalo said...

Hahah, yes, I can see this being very useful for some people. One feature that I wish email providers had is email scheduling.

Manhood88 said...

damn wish I knew this earlier. Could have spared me some troubles :) Thanks for the tip! Will surely come in handy in the future

Anonymous said...

Really? that's handy!!

Z Man said...

Truly the most innovative of the latest email advancements.
How about them webcam gestures they were suggesting on April 1st? LOL

Oscar said...

Only a few seconds? Shite.

Mr. Dough said...

This could've saved me many times in the post, haha.

Nate said...

awesome didnt know this

sporktar said...

Nifty :D

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