Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Downloads

Hi all have come across some cool free downloads lately so will list them off for anyone interested.

PC Optimisation

  1. Baku - Allows you to search for system registry errors and unneeded files. Link
  2. Process hacker - A feature packed tool for manipulating processes and services. Link
  1. Keepass password safe - a free/open source password manager which helps manage all your passwords Link
  2. combofix - Scans your pc for know n malware, and when found, attempts to clean these automatically. Link
  1. Burnaware - one of the most popular free cd/dvd/bluray burning software available. Link
  2. fotosketcher - converts photos in to pieces of art. Link
  1. Generally - a classic 4x4 rally game. Link
  2. Zuma's revenge - 60 levels of stone firing to destroy the stream of balls. Link
Just a few bits of software, who doesn't love free software? :)
If you have any other freeware software that you think deserves recognition, insert in the comments please.


botji said...

Nice post, free stuff is always fun! I played Zuma before, great game!

sporktar said...

Malwarebytes- Highly effective Malware scanner.
Superantispyware- Another good spyware scanner.
Ccleaner- Cleans out temporary files, and other useless stuff. Can also be used to check for registry errors, edit programs opened on startup, along with a few other nifty tools.
Defraggler- From the makers of Ccleaner, defrags your computers hard drive.

PryON said...

K. I will figure this out tomorrow. Hit me up again and remind me,. Sorry just right now I am not in the right place I'am all boys to the yard. It's beeta than yuhz. idk ffs!!!?

frogbound said...

Those downloads may come in handy :)
thanks mate

Issac said...

thnx for the free downloads, they really helped

ExplosiveSex said...

Ah holy shit, I really needed these.
Btw my windows explorer keeps crashing, do you have anything for that?

Wheeler Escavo said...

Thanks for sharing, post more when you get em =]

frameaj1 said...

@Explosive - most likely a virus, like someone mentioned above get "malwarebytes" + "AVG" (or similar AV software) update and run scans.

Lazy The Kid said...

Does any of this stuff work for a mac or am I just spoiled?

Erika said...

KeePass is awesome. I was actually thinking about doing a blog about KeePass and how to set it up and stuff. Definitely a really useful tool.

I shall check out the others now!

Great read btw.

mac-and-me said...

nice list

Life Hacks said...

CCleaner does the same as baku...

sporktar said...

Also, in terms of antivirus, I recommended Avast. The free version is pretty good, and they fixed a lot of issues they had in the older version.

Jeffery said...

thanks man baku helped me out a lot!

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