Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 10 Pet Peeves

My top 10 pet peeves, in no peeving order.
  1. Drivers who don't indicate when turning
  2. Noisy eaters
  3. Mouth breathers
  4. People who don't clean their laptops i.e food and dust all through it.
  5. Couples who say "we are pregnant" are they sharing a uterus?
  6. Realizing there is no toilet paper, after you have gone.
  7. People saying nothink instead of nothing
  8. Vegetarians, who expect a vege meal, but if they are cooking for you won't cook meat.
  9. Parents smacking their children in public
  10. Woman breast feeding in public.
These are just a handfull of many ( I am easily irritated as you can tell)

Feel free to add to this list in the comments section :)


RQ said...

Drivers not indicating would be my #1, but also those that indicate half a second before they turn. Also people who can't seem to walk quietly on stairs, and neighbors getting home and 3am and yell about stuff.

botji said...

oooh I get irritated really easily aswell.

Absolutely hate it when people write every word in a sentence with a capital, also when people start speaking their native language on a clearly english/international website.

sporktar said...

Teachers who say things like "Letter B" or "Number A".

Totenkreuz said...

Hahaha the we're pregnant one is funny. Never noticed that.

Eric said...

I don't think I've ever really heard someone say nothink instead of nothing.

frameaj1 said...

Must be a New Zealand thing then :P

Curly said...

I cannot stanf noisy eaters...same goes for noisy gum chewers.

Sean said...

I love you for this list. Let's get married.

frameaj1 said...

Sorry don't swing that way ... I am a guy :P

glivin said...

Your #1 is very high on my list :p

Erika said...

#10 is just hot.

Anonymous said...

People smacking their children in public!!

JaksonHunt said...

I also can't stand mouth breathers, they make me feel sick to the stomach..

seorava said...

i am not sure what it means pet peeves

good post anyhow, following you

~Fabi said...

I don't really share your peeves. #1 annoys me because it's illegal here and it's half an inch. Speaking of which, watch Shoot 'Em Up, he ruins a man's car for not signaling. #8 is a good point, I am gonna start saying that one to my veg friends.

mac-and-me said...

agree with most points

Anonymous said...

1, 5, 9, and, 10 are mine as well.

i generally have a lot of driving pet peeves.
* people who honk for no discernible reason
* people not letting me merge after sitting there and indicating for like 15 minutes
* general douche driving.


Gwwick said...

Hahaha at #8 I don't have any vege friends but this reminds me a lot of other things people do!

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