Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo's I have taken

Got into photography a while ago, thought I would share some as Mr. Mechanic has asked ever so nicely. Loving macro techniques at the moment. Recently purchased a Canon 100mm Lens, here are some shots that came out of it.

Garden Statue
Purple flower

Lego fun

Water drop

Will post more as I get out and about, have been slack lately. Going to the Highlanders game this week, so might take the camera along and get some shots!


BowlOfCoins said...

Love the lego shot. Love macro lego photography.

PONZI said...

I dig that Lego picture alot! This kinda photography makes me want to FOLLOW! :)

Also, if you dig sports, you're really gonna dig my blog! check it out if you want to!

frameaj1 said...

Haha thanks! got plenty more to post.

Raw said...

These are great, excellent work!

~Fabi said...

I like Legos.

Bobby said...


JaksonHunt said...

Wow you really have any eye for it ;D

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