Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nathan Mccullum ripped off, bad umpiring.

Watching the black caps take on Sri-Lanka last night, which we lost unfortunately. Nathan Mccullum had a fantastic caught and bowled. The call goes to the t.v umpire who calls it not out. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Which makes me bring up the discussion of useless umpires ruining a game of cricket.

See the catch for yourself and comment on catch or not?


Arcita said...

i can't watch the vid right now but i can recall on numerous occasions when umpires or judges have made poor decisions. they are just people after all. sucks but yeah

PONZI said...

Cricket is an awesome sport to play! Never watched it from the telly, though..

Sam said...

Thanks for the link.

Sesam Burger said...

Yeah I watched the game. It was pretty horrible.

Hit me back if you want :)

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